And The Rain Is Back

Well the rain has made it's way back and it's going to be sticking around here for a while, apparently. What a shock, right? It's actually starting to get to be normal at this point. In any event, tomorrow's weather is supposed to turn "Bloody Arctic" according to our UCD coordinator. They are expecting sleet, snow/hail, rain, and lots of wind tonight, tomorrow, and Friday. However, Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be really great, which is awesome because we're supposed to be going to the horse races on Sunday. Today was the first day with a different class - Investment and Portfolio Management. It was pretty cool in content but 3 hours  in the dark was a little bit on the trying side. I think it's going to be a really great class since this is the first time that we'll actually get into the nuts and bolts of investment vehicles and securities products other than bonds and common stock. Today was hedge funds and derivative markets.

Just a comment that my BU colleagues and some other exchange students have made so far: Irish students don't really seem engaged with the classes. I do have some evidence to back up this claim. As soon as students enter the class, they start up their computers, plug in their internet, and fire up chatting software or browse to social networking websites. True, some do actually take notes but most don't.  Is this because they don't really have a stake in coming to University? I mean, yes, $45,000 a year for BU is definitely a motivator for me.

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