Australia Chronicles: Day 16

Today we were able to sleep in.  I was the first of us to awaken and so I quietly made my way to the kitchen and to my surprise Nola was awake behind the counter of their kitchen at 8:30.  I figured no one would be awake but there she was smiling away.  I asked for some toast and peanut butter.  The rest of our girls were fast asleep upstairs. I quickly found out that Ben and Josie get up around 5:30 for training.  Just as I hear that, Ben comes up from downstairs looking exactly the way he looked yesterday.  Josie soon followed and then Neil graced us with his appearance.  We watched a bit of music videos as we tried to wait for the rest of my band of merry women.  We are all going to a recreation center to "get to know our host families."  The fact of the matter is that while we were there I saw the kids from my family once or twice.

I feel much better when I have been able to get my drugs into me.  Neil picked all 5 of us and brought us to the house where we just sat around and played cards as we planned the afternoon.  I decided that I would like to go down to the club for a while so I asked if I could and Ben and Toddy & I all walked down to the Kawana Waters Surf Life Saving Club.  MJ was there and we played footy with him and a few other kids.  Drop-kicking a rugby ball is very difficult!

In an hour or two, the girls walked down and watched us for a while then we were picked up - well some of us were picked up and got a few movies to watch while the rest of us just walked back.  We chowed down on cold and warm chicken which was a treat for us since it was the first chicken we had all trip.  We finished the night with watching Bring It On & Oh Brother Where Art Thou.  Then it was off to bed!!

James M. Connors