Australia Chronicles: Day 17

Today we left our families in a very abrupt and quick manner.  8:00 we were supposed to be back at the surf club.  I was first up again and I was the 1st down, the 1st to eat - the 1st to do everything and so I got to go and unload baggage at the bus.  We said our goodbyes and we were off to Coff's Harbour.  We made a quick stop at the Giant Banana where we posed for pictures. Next, we stopped at Byron Bay for lunch and pictures at the most eastern point of Oz.  we continnued on our way to Coff's Harbour where we finally left Queensland and entered New South Wales.  The pelican something or other was our stayover.  This was a beautiful hotel which started on the 5th floor and went down (it was built into the side of a hill).  There was much merry making on the beach as the moon rose.  After dinner it was off to bed in a room with Jordan, Brandon, and Joel.  I really HATE Jordan.  He is vulgar, disgusting, and ewww.

Off to Bed,

James M. Connors