Hello World

Like any good computer user, I am posting the requisite first post. HELLO WORLD - This is the launch of my newest website, City Streets - Man in Metropolis. It is and will continue to be a place for me to post my thoughts, the goings on in my life, and keep connected with the people that matter in my life. Originally, www.jamesmconnors.com was hosted with APLUS.net - a Highly rated web hosting site that had offered relatively decent prices. However I discovered a great new site, DreamHost, which offers many new and improved services. Some of the benefits include the idea of getting more for less, as in hundreds of gigabytes of space and terabytes of transfer for under $100 and no set-up fee. We're talking about free "one-click" installs to include Wordpress, the CMS/blogging tool that powers this website.

I would refer this service to anyone because it's the best value on the market right now. DreamHost offers competitive rates and services with an interface that rivals any that I've ever used in my web design career. I will post my own personal discount code here and promote DreamHost services as a way to bring awareness to others.

Well, that's all for now. Thank you for stopping by now and please keep this site in your bookmarks or subscribe to the RSS in the lower right hand corner. Have a great evening.