Home Pages

I really dislike not knowing php as a language because it's making it rather difficult to design this website into what I'm looking for. The issue is this: how do I make this website into a real website rather than just a blog? My answer was to actually use a static page rather than just using the posts page. I want there to be a Blog page where the posts reside rather than the on the home page. Perhaps I'll place a single entry at a time into the page, but other than that... I'm not really interested in throwing more into the beginning because I want this to be very professional. That is the idea.

So, for the last two hours, I've been learning - slowly - how to put in a static page. This is all above my head at this point, however I think I've found a way to do it that will suit my purposes. It's going to be a technique that will take the elements of the theme by placing a home.php file into the theme directory that will redefine a static page and then refer to the index page as a blog stepping point.

The saga continues and the coolest part is that you, the readers, will be able to see the result. I'm going to have to make a decision at some point. Right now, I'm waiting for the replies of a number of developers. They would be able to help me out a bit - and especially when I'm looking to try to set up the website for success right from the beginning.

Stay tuned!