MinuteFix - Give them a Minute, and they'll Fix it

A new web 2.0 company has come out of the woodwork looking to help everyone with their computer woes.  MinuteFix is a community-based technical support company that leverages techs from around the world to build the internet's leading customer service and technical service team.  It's really a neat concept. You connect with a technician in a live chat session and try to resolve the issue that way.  If it takes more work, you can have the tech connect to your computer with their remote desktop program (You don't install anything, they run a program once and it's gone once the session is over).  You can see what the tech is doing at all times, not like how the Geek Squad will steal your photos, videos, or financial records.  Once the session is over, you leave some feedback and only pay for the time that you actually use.  If your problem wasn't able to be resolved, you don't pay a dime.

I wrote up another more detailed article about MinuteFix at my CollegeTechCentral podcast blog.