New Approach to Fixing your Computer

MinuteFix, a new startup based out of San Fransisco redefines what it means to get technical support.  You just have to log into the website instead of bringing your machine into a shop and surrendering your prized possession to some 18 year old just waiting to search through your pictures, videos, and financial records.  I think this service could be amazing and here's why: You pay by the minute - it is the namesake of the company.  The first 5 minutes that you're working with a technician are free - you don't pay a dime.  If your issue is resolved in that period, then grand, you just got some free work.  Heck, you can ask questions for opinions and pick the tech's brain for 4  minutes and 56 seconds without paying - just make sure you give some good feedback at the end.  This system lets you pay only for what you use instead of other shops that will cost you $80 or more just to have someone look at it.

The techs are from around the world and tested safe!  Each MinuteFix tech brings unique experiences and knowledge to the team.  They help each other out and learn from one another.  When you log into MinuteFix, you describe your problem and get hooked into the highest rated tech available in the category of your issue.  That's unheard of!  Knowing some of these people, they're all experts in their fields and they all want to help you out.

If your problem isn't fixed, you don't pay a dime - How many times have you brought your computer into the shop, pay the $80 for someone to look at it only to find out that they can't!?  Ridiculous!  If a MinuteFix tech can't fix your problem, you don't have to pay no matter how long it took to get to that point.  It's really a great service.

I wrote another article about MinuteFix on my podcast blog over at CollegeTechCentral.