Australia Chronicles: Day 14

Today we packed our backpacks for some beach bussing with Bronco.  We boarded his specialized offroad 4wd passenger carrying vehicle built on large dimensions and met our steering wheel attendant.  A short ride and a ferry portage later, we were on the beach of the Sunshine Coast.  We heard lots about the flora and fauna of the area as well as some of the history on the seashore. The sand dunes were brilliantly colored sands that were colored because of the iron content oxidizing.  the shore used to be 50kms out to sea until the oceans rose and brought the coast to what we know it now.  We hiked up some dunes and explored a shipwreck then ventured forth to Rainbow Beach for some swiming.  I still wasn't feeling good with horrible stomach pains so I skipped the swimming.

We went further into the hills and had some lunch.  I've been able to stop throwing up, but I drank a lot.  We got back to the hotel 3 hours later and had quite a bit of free time.  I took a nap since I wasn't feeling good.  Then we all dressed up our best and headed to dinner.  I wore the nicest outfite I could put together and it showed because I received many compliments.  Once again, I ate little if anything and as soon as I got to the door I felt like I needed to throw up.  At 8:00, everyone went out roaming the resort having fun, and then there was me.  I was asleep.  I slept through everything, a pizza party yet I was asleep.