Australia Chronicles: Day 4

7/25/01 - 9:45pm I was awoken by someone knocking on our door at 7:00am in the morning.  It was Brandon and Ronnie wanting to chat.  I was definitely not in the mood.  I shrugged it off and happened into the shower.  Another nasty breakfast and we were off to the great barrier reef.  There was rain everywhere and I thought that there would be no end to the downpour.

It quickly subsided and the sun came out.  We boarded the "wave piercing" catamaran and we were ready for the 1:30hr ride out to Agincourt Reef, section 6 at around 28 knots.  There were many little squalls present in the morning weather.  Out on the bow of the boat was where I made my perch with my Hawaiian shirt and wetsuit top and bathing suit bottom.  I braved all the squalls and had the time of my life up there.

The sun came out and dried up the all aluminum craft which prompted many friends to come out and join me.  We arrived at the reef and since I was in the "experienced group" they put me right into the water.  I had the best time out on the reef snorkling.  Dana and I event out on a semi-submersible boat to view the outer coral and many fish.  The is soooo much life out in this barren and desolate place.

I was very sad with the parting of our happy little place in the middle of the ocean.  Oh right, our diving platform was an all aluminum pontoon platform anchored in a lagoon.  It can stand a class 4 cyclone.  So we came back to the resort and had free time and dinner, then we had more free time.  Then I followed Brandon and Christan and did laundry.

Talk later, sleep now.

James M. Connors