Why I Do Life

The Now I've been posting about my fitness journey for a couple months over on Facebook but I want to be able to post longer form articles that have more to do with my thoughts, reflections, and in-depth analysis of this journey.  That's what I'll do with this channel.  Look for articles in the Do.Life. category around the site.  I'll be cross-linking with Facebook


The History

Back in September, I did some blood work for a company wellness program.  The news wasn't good.  My blood pressure was high, Cholesterol was High (Bad was high and good was low), Triglycerides were almost off the chart, and the A1C showed pre-diabetes.  It was a slap to the face.  That was when I went to see a doctor.  November 1st, I saw a physician for the first time in years where Dr. Hoffman confirmed the worst - I was on the verge of diabetes and putting myself at risk for heart disease.  While I was at it, I saw a dentist for the first time in years and even got a sleep study to evaluate my sleep apnea.

The most important thing I did on the 1st was to go to Forum Fitness Club in Bayonne.  It's so close to our apartment, I couldn't come up with an excuse to not get workouts in the way I had been with my unused Planet Fitness membership.  I'd be starting a year long program called Thin & Healthy's Total Solution through the gym.  Every week, I check in two or three times with coaches to review a food diary and workout log.  Combine that with some time with a personal trainer for an epic fitness mix.

So I started to run.  I lifted heavy weight things and put them down.  Slowly at first, and lightly but slowly but surely, I built up more and more.  I used the Couch to 5K program to get my feet moving - on February 2nd I ran the first 5K since high school, and I did it under 30 minutes!  I hope that this series of articles will continue to give me a chance to explore my thoughts about the journey and reflect on different topics as I move forward.


The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

So every journey has an end, right?  Well not exactly.  I will always battle my addiction to food and the allure of sloth.  My challenge is to stay active and healthy - to make it part of the lifestyle for the rest of my life.  That's the long view.  More immediately, here are the upcoming milestones that I'm shooting for:

  • 3/24: End of Forum Fitness Club's Weight Loss Challenge
  • 5/24: Spring Lake 5 Mile Run
  • June? 10K Run
  • 9/21: Newport Liberty Half Marathon (For Corral Placement)
  • 1/11/15: Walt Disney World Marathon

They're big goals and a big payoff with a Marathon in the happiest place on Earth.  So join the journey and share your thoughts as I go along!

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