Australia Chronicles: Day 18

TRAVEL DAY. Today we were off on the last travel day minus the trip back to the US.  It's also our last day with Andrew - our bus driver :-(  It was a long day boring me to tears.  We watched "Babe" and an episode or two of Buffy.

We arrived at our hotel in the late afternoon so we had time to hang out before we needed to leave for dinner.  I got all up with a tie & shoes while no one else did.  I showed everyone up and I was feeling really cool as we walked into Nick's.  We got back from a very nice dinner and we had free time.

I went up to the pool with some other guys and soft of just hung out.  We then went to a small little meeting that we used to get caught up in our journal, fill out the Australia Census - I was in a Census and you weren't!

We also said our final goodbyes to Andrew even though our "ceremony" was while we were at Nicks.  It was very nice, we all kicked in some money for a little bit of a bonus and everyone signed a notebook with our personal messages for him.  He was quite overcome.  There was never a better coach driver.  He played with us, ate with us, slept with us, and enjoyed our time with us.  I really am going to miss him.  His last words to me were, "Keep yourself out of trouble big guy,"

Well, goodnight.

James M. Connors